-----------------DECEMBER 2017------NEWS------------------THE TRAILS CONTINUES--------------


This summer Sprucebalm was displayed at the annual amberfesitval in Denmark.

We are happy to announce that this led to that Sprucebalm now has found its first retailer outside Sweden and Norway in the newly built Tirpitz museum. An impressive institution that belongs to a group of museums and spaces that decribe and involve the regional landscape of Varde. With a visually interacting and contemporary approach to history and landscape, Amber being one and a bunker another, Tirpitz gives the museum as a relevant tool for learning.


Also where Sprucebalm is made, in Emmaboda in Småland, a new shop called Susanna station,has newly opened.

Here you can amongst others find products that are made in Emmaboda and among them Sprucebalm. We are very happy about this old and beautifully renovated space that gives interiourdesign, regional movements and a passion for craft and cultural heritage a contemporary, personal context and plattform.


.. finally our tictail webshop can be reached through this website as well as on our facebookpage.


Facebook: Sprucebalm

Instagram: Sprucebalm


Sprucebalm can soon also be bough at

Mundekulla retreat. A space and a community

of caring people who offer many developing

workshops and gatherings with focus on a

holistic, compassionate and including state of



A great new retailer is the foottherapist in

Emmaboda that will use Sprucebalm in her

practice where it can also be bought.